Worst Governor Ever Election The ‘Worst Governor Ever’ election was a campaign initiated by the Transport Workers Union. The campaign kicked off during the wave of anti-union legislation that was running rampant across the nation. Over 40,000 people took part in the online election, and media across the country reported on it.

Virgin America Flight Attendants Campaign The website for the Virgin America Flight Attendants organizing campaign was created as a play on the official Virgin America website. The site kept Flight Attendants up-to-date on all campaign news.

Support NASA Firefighters When TWU Local 525 members at NASA had their jobs outsourced to a contract company, the local fought back with a website allowing supporters to email elected officials. Promotional cards were also made up to educate the public and potential allies on how they could help.

Save Our Ride Campaign Save Our Ride was a nationwide campaign spearheaded by the Transport Workers Union, Amalgamated Transit Union, Rainbow Push Coalition and a coalition of community organizations and advocacy groups. The national campaign was meant to bring attention to federal funding of mass transit across the country.

S.A.F.E. at PMA The S.A.F.E. at PMA website was created for a security guard organizing campaign at the Philadelphia Art Museum. The site put a face to the workers who were organizing and allowed visitors to email the Director of the museum.

This splash page was created to help drive email sign-ups at the height of union-busting legislation in states across the country. The page featured a “Dear Governor” video that was an open letter to governors around the country from union members along with a “Join the fight” sign-up form.

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