The inside of an 11” x 12” full color folded mail piece sent to 130,000 union members homes regarding the 2008 presidential election of Barack Obama.

An informational leaflet for non-fiction television writers who were organizing a union with the Writers Guild of America. The leaflet informed workers of the upcoming secret ballot election along with the reasons they need a seat at the table to negotiate with employers.

Inside of a full-color direct mail piece sent to AFSCME member in Kansas about the successful Lobby Day event their union sisters and brothers had in Topeka.

An informational leaflet to union members about the importance of passing the Employee Free Choice Act and rebuilding the middle class. The full-color leaflet also promoted a call to action webpage allowing union members to sign a petition to elected officials encouraging them to pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

The inside of a tri-fold direct mail piece sent to the homes of over 20,000 Continental Airline workers during their organizing drive. The full-color piece contained a perforated return mail union card to help drive petition sign-ups.

A full-color leaflet exposing Durham School Services federal labor law violations by illegally terminating union supporters. The leaflet was used on shop floors to show that the company could not be trusted.

A full-color leaflet created to promote the Save Our Ride rally’s happening around the country. Save Our Ride was a nationwide campaign spearheaded by the Transport Workers Union, Amalgamated Transit Union, Rainbow Push Coalition and a coalition of community organizations and advocacy groups. The national campaign was meant to bring attention to federal funding of…

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